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How to See This Creepy Building in Galveston

Brooke Lewis
Posted on October 12
The face of a man can be seen in a UTMB building.

Can you see the face in the building? (Galveston Ghost)

It’s the month of all things scary! So, if you want to go on another haunted field trip, then I suggest checking out The Face in Galveston. On the wall of a UT Medical Branch building, those who walk by claim they see a creepy face staring out at them. So, is it really true and how can you see the face?

The History

According to legend, the face belongs to the former landowner of the property, which is now owned by UTMB on Harborside Drive. At the time, the man who owned the land refused to sell his property to UTMB. He also made his family promise not to sell it to the school. However, the man’s family broke their promise and sold his land to UTMB anyway. Ewing Hall now resides on the man’s former property.

The Face Emerges

Now, as people walk by Ewing Hall, they claim to see the face of the man on the building wall. At first, the man’s face could be seen on the 4th floor panel. The university had the area sand blasted, but the face started to appear on the 3rd floor panel. School officials had the 3rd floor panel area sand blasted, but the face still reappeared on the 2nd floor panel. Today, you can still see the face on the 2nd floor panel of the school building.

How To See The Face

A word of caution: UTMB is on state property. If you try to see the building on foot, it’s technically trespassing. Instead, book a Haunted Harbor Tour, where you’ll hear the haunted history of Galveston and be able to see glimpses of The Face from the ship.

Have you seen the face or have another creepy story about a Houston landmark to share? I want to hear!

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