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What is City Cast Houston?

Introducing your new favorite way to stay connected to the city you live in and love. It’s your morning routine: a newsletter and podcast fresh at 6 a.m. It’s also your on-ramp — the place you get up to speed on this fast-moving city. And it’s the hot chips and salsa delivered to your table before you’ve even ordered. Which is to say: Free!

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Meet our host

City Cast Houston’s newsletter and podcast are hosted by Lisa Gray, a former Houston Chronicle reporter, columnist, and podcaster who knows the city from Alief to Zaza. Lisa and the crew will bring the intimacy of podcasting and email to this ginormous mess of a city. Join them to discuss the newsy issues that matter most — as well as where to go, what to eat, who to follow, and more. 

Why launch City Cast in Houston? 

Houston is the United States’ least-understood big city, with an economy and a climate both prone to catastrophe. We’re a port city 50 miles inland. Most of us weren’t born here. We plant tomatoes in February. We drive northeast on the Southwest Freeway. There is literally no bedrock: Our skyscrapers somehow float on top of the clay. 

This crazy place sneaks up on you. You begin to understand it, and you start to care. Other places seem boring — homogenous, clichéd, set in their smug ways. “Houston gets in your blood,” the old joke goes. “Like malaria.”

City Cast Houston’s goal is to speed up those infections, and to amuse and inform everyone who already shares our affliction. This city needs people to love it, and to laugh at it, and to make it better.

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