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How To Prepare Your Pets for Hurricane Season

Brooke Lewis
Posted on June 1   |   Updated on July 7
Is your pet ready for hurricane season? (Robbie Augspurger/Getty Images)

Is your pet ready for hurricane season? (Robbie Augspurger/Getty Images)

Hurricane season started this month and lasts until Nov. 30. Some of us know how to properly prepare ourselves for the big storm, but sometimes it’s easy to forget our pets. Our City Cast Houston crew revealed ways they prep their fur babies in a recent podcast episode. Let’s get to them!

Indoor Pet Tips

  • Keep calm during the storm. Our pets take their cues from us. If we are frantic and scattered, they will be hyper and crazy right along with us.
  • Keep your pets in the same room with you. They need to know where you are. If you have to evacuate your home, you don’t want to have to search for them.
  • Get some ear covers for them. Put them on them before the storm and it’ll help them with the sound.
  • Toys and treats ease stress. Make sure you have their favorite toys and treats to distract them.
  • Pets rely on smell. City Cast Houston host Raheel Ramzanali puts an old shirt on his dog that smells like him. You could also put a shirt that smells like you inside their crate.

Outdoor Pet Tips

  • Have a way to call them and make sure that they answer you. Practice this pre-storm. Once the storm blows in, they might start to hide. For City Cast lifestyle contributor Olivia Flores Alvarez, it’s a can of tuna for her cats.
  • If you don’t want to bring them inside the house to ride out the storm, then keep them in the garage.
  • City Cast Houston producer Carlignon Jones puts her dog in a really big cage outside. She stuffs hay, old blankets, and sheets everywhere to block the wind.
  • If you have to bring your pet inside and want to keep them in one specific area, fence them in using a baby playpen.

Evacuation Tips

  • Get an airtight container to transport all of your pet’s medication, food, toys, and treats.
  • Have a list of hotels and shelters that are pet-friendly.
  • Update your pet’s vaccines. You may be denied shelter or hotel if you don’t have updated vaccine documentation. Have a hard copy of those record vaccines.
  • Make a pet-friendly emergency kit.
  • Learn the heimlich maneuver and CPR for your pet.
  • Buy life jackets

Lost Pet Tips

  • Get your pet microchipped, so they can be tracked if they get lost during the storm.
  • Join a neighborhood pet group on social media. They show photos of lost pets. If you get separated from your pet, this might be a resource to find your pet.
  • Take clear, color photos of your pet’s face and whole body, in case you need to use it .

Did we miss any pet prep tips for hurricane season?

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