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How To Understand Houston Trash Days

Brooke Lewis
Posted on September 18
Two men dump trash from red, yellow, blue, and green trash cans.

Are you trying to figure out Houston's trash pick up? (Visoot Uthairam/Getty Images)

Are you a new homeowner? Trying to understand the recycling schedule? Do you have a large item that you need to throw out, but don’t know when to leave it out for trash pick-up? If any of these questions have plagued you lately, I have a breakdown on how to understand Houston’s trash and recycling pick-up.

Trash and Recycling Days

If you just moved to a new area, type in your address in this map to figure out your trash pick-up day. Recycling is picked up every other week on the same day as your trash pick up. Some items can be recycled improperly and contaminate clean recyclables at the sorting center. Make sure to recycle only these items: cans, cartons, glass, paper, and plastic. Also, don’t put a plastic bag around your recycled items because it can contaminate it further.

Heavy Trash Pick Up Days

Tree waste such as tree limbs, branches, and stumps are picked up once a month during odd numbered months: January, March, May, July, September, and November. Junk waste such as furniture, appliances, and other bulky items are picked up during even numbered months: February, April, June, August, October and December. To find out which day is your heavy trash pick up, go here. If you want to get rid of tree or junk waste before your designated day, then you can drop it off at your Neighborhood Depository/Recycling Center.

Has your trash or recycling pick up been irregular? Do you have other tips that I need to know? Email me.

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