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Why Snapdragons Thrive During Texas Winters

Brooke Lewis
Posted on November 21
White and pink Snapdragons bloom on green leaves.

Snapdragon is the perfect plant to enjoy during the winter months. (Aimintang/Getty Images)

As the weather cools off, it’s the perfect time to plant Snapdragons in your garden. These plants thrive during colder weather, and actually prefer cool and moist soil. Their ideal temperature range: low 70s in the day and low 40s at night, which Houston gets a lot of during November and December months.

Once you plant the seeds, it can take a month for them to germinate because they’re super tiny. Be patient. As they grow, make sure to water them during dry spells and add more mulch to protect them during winter months. Snapdragons can even endure sub-freezing temperatures. However, if it gets really cold, you’ll want to cover them with pine straw for a few days to protect them from the cold.

Once these beautiful plants bloom, expect to see flowers in a wide range of colors from pink, burgundy, yellow, orange, to white. The plants usually die off once the heat hits. So, enjoy them while they last!

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