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What To Know About These Dragonflies

Brooke Lewis
Posted on September 5
A blue dragonfly munches on a honeybee, while perched on a tree branch.

A dragonfly munches on a honeybee at Houston Arboretum. (Houston Arboretum)

Great Blue Skimmers are dragonflies known to enjoy dark and murky water. Their colors can range depending on their gender and age, from yellow, brown, to a striking blue. You can spot them over shallow, wooded pools, ponds, swamps, and ditches. At the Houston Arboretum, one was spotted munching on a honey bee for supper.

Erin Vance of Houston Arboretum writes:

“It is easy to forget about small carnivores, especially those in the insect world. Dragonflies, as well as their larva, are strictly meat-eaters. Adults use a unique hunting strategy which is most comparable to the way a claw machine works (except way more effective). They make a basket shape with their legs and swoop down to cage their prey as they bite it to keep it still– a terrifying concept at their scale.”

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