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Watch These Beautiful Flowers Bloom Every Morning

Brooke Lewis
Posted on October 10
Purple flowers in bloom against green leaves.

Morning Glories are in bloom at Houston Arboretum. (Houston Arboretum)

Morning Glories are beautiful trumpet-shaped flowers ranging in pink, purple-blue, magenta, and white. They usually bloom from early summer to the first frost of fall. If you want to plant these flowers in your own backyard, don’t do it too early because they’re sensitive to frost.

The flowers often shrivel and close once the morning has passed, which is where they get their name. The most common Morning Glory hails from Central and South America, but the flower is popular across the country and in Texas. The flower reseeds itself and blooms annually. However, be careful! The seeds are toxic and are known to cause diarrhea and mild hallucinations if ingested.

“Morning glory flowers are easy to spot this time of year, if you are here during the right time of day that is. These flowers are wide open during the cooler parts of the day and close as it warms up,” writes Liz Landry of Houston Arboretum.

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