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Houston Zoo's Rare Birds

Brooke Lewis
Posted on July 18
A picture of a red-beaked wattled curassow perched in a brown branch.

You can find these rare birds at the Houston Zoo. (Kwiktor/Getty Images)

A rare wattled curassow chick recently hatched at the Houston Zoo. For the first time in nearly 30 years, the chick is currently being raised by its parents in the zoo’s Savanna Aviary inside South America’s Pantanal.

These endangered creatures are mostly Black-colored with curled crest feathers. Males usually sport white feathers and their female counterparts have a red and brown color. They like to snack on small fish, fruit, aquatic crustaceans, and other small animals. Wattled curassows usually hail from the Amazon rainforest and can be spotted in Peru, Brazil, Colombia, and Bolivia.

The number of these birds found in the wild are rapidly declining because of hunting, habitat loss, and predation. However, the zoo has managed to breed wattled curassow chicks within the last 20 years and increase the number of birds in other zoos.

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