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These Texas Frogs Love To Sing In The Rain

Brooke Lewis
Posted on August 22
A green tree frog rests on a leaf.

American Green tree frogs can be spotted across Texas. (Ed Reschke/Getty Images)

American Green tree frogs, which range in color from bright green to yellow green, are common frogs spotted in Texas. Their colors can change based on the temperature and what they do in their spare time. For example, tree frogs can become a duller green or gray when they’re resting or yellower when they’re using their voice to call out.

You can find these frogs in wet prairies, cypress swamps, marshes, and near the edge of lakes, ponds, streams. They’re also called rain frogs because of how loud they get during rain storms. At a distance, a tree frog may sound like a cowbell but closer their call sounds like “quank-quank.”

At Houston Arboretum & Nature Center, juvenile and adult tree frogs have been spotted on the leaves of pickerelweed along the water's edge at Donor Boardwalk. If you want to geek out more about frogs, then check out the Arboretum’s “Froggy Night” on Saturday, where you’ll learn more about Houston’s frogs, enjoy beer and light bites, and participate in a night hike.

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