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These Creepy Spiders Sprint After Their Prey

Brooke Lewis
Posted on October 31
A wolf spider perches on a green leaf.

These spiders sprint after their prey like wolves. (Anton Petrus/Getty Images)

Wolf spiders are extremely creepy insects. They are known for sprinting after their prey like wolves. These spiders also have eight eyes positioned around their head. Four eyes are actually located in a row right above their mouths. Yikes!

After wolf spiders get ahold of their prey, they usually mash them into a ball or inject liquid venom. You may not spot one of these spiders easily. They like to dig holes into the ground and live under rocks or logs. Since they’re dark-colored, they can easily blend in with decaying plants. Trying to escape these scary insects? You probably can’t!

They are able to live in most climates — ranging from dry deserts to rainforests.

Justin Clay recently spotted a wolf spider at Houston Arboretum: “Whilst opening up the nature center I saw a blur dart at light speed down the hallway. I caught up to it and it was a rabid wolf spider. Possibly one of the fastest spiders around. They move at around two feet per second to catch annoying insects like cockroaches. They are not dangerous despite the intimidating name.”

They may not be dangerous, but I’m definitely running if I see one near me 🕷️

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