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These Autumn Plants Display a Brilliant Gold

Brooke Lewis
Posted on November 7
A bee rests on the Goldenrod.

Check out these stunning plants during the fall. (Houston Arboretum)

In Texas, we might not get breathtaking fall foliage but if you’re looking to view similar brilliant colors, then check out goldenrods. During the fall, this plant produces a spectacular golden color. Goldenrods make up more than 100 species and can be found in a variety of environments including savannas, dry prairies, marshes, swamps, and sandy banks. They can grow small, under 12 inches, or to a staggering four to six feet. Let’s learn more.

Patti Bonnin of Houston Arboretum writes:

“The goldenrod’s showy autumn blooms provide nectar for bees and migrating butterflies and are also a breeding site and overwintering space for many invertebrates. However, they are also prolific seeders and tend to grow quite aggressively. The windblown seeds are easily dispersed and will quickly take root in any bare soil it can find. To help keep your goldenrod from taking over your garden, it is best to cull them at the end of the flowering season before the seeds start to grow. You may notice the Arboretum thinning small sections of goldenrod along our prairie and savanna areas in effort to maintain our biodiversity and keep aggressive plants in check.”

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