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When Will Houston's Heatwave End?

Brooke Lewis
Posted on July 31
A child cools off in front of a fan.

All of us in Houston right now. (Thanasis Zovoilis/ Getty Images)

This summer has been brutal with triple-digit temperatures and crazy heat indexes. We’ve seen three heat-related deaths in the Houston region. The heat wave has also affected Houstonian’s mental health. As we get closer to August, do we have any hope of seeing cooler temperatures? Let’s take a look.

Super Hot July

This month, we saw a 16-day stretch of heat alerts starting on July 8 that finally ended last week. More than 40% of the state is also experiencing moderate drought conditions, including 35% of the Houston region. Katy residents can’t water their landscape, wash cars, or drain and refill pools because of drought conditions. Galveston has put a burn ban in effect. The triple-digit temperatures throughout July stem from a heat dome Texas has been trapped under for weeks.

What’s Next For August?

Unfortunately, hot temperatures will continue into August. A high pressure system of heat will drift back into Texas this week, putting temperatures in the triple digits. The high pressure system may move back into the Southwest this weekend and give us temporary relief from extra hot temperatures. However, forecasters still predict our weather pattern of hot temperatures and low rainfall will not let up anytime soon.

How Can You Still Have Fun?

The heat may be unrelenting, but there are still plenty of ways to enjoy the rest of the summer.

Matt Lanza of Space City Weather recently explained why our city is going through a historically hot summer. [City Cast Houston 🎧]

I still want to know how you’re keeping cool this summer. Let me know.

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