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How To Use Houston's MetroRail

Brooke Lewis
Posted on July 24
A photo of the MetroRail on a bright and sunny day in Houston.

Houstonians use MetroRail to get around the city. (Davel5957/Getty Images)

Since 2004, when a decades-long fight brought light rail to Houston, MetroRail has been a fixture in our city.

How to Ride

  • You could plan your trip using Metro’s trip planner — but Google Maps is probably more convenient.
  • A one-way ticket costs $1.25.
  • If you’ve never ridden before, the easiest way to buy a ticket is to use one of the ticket machines at the rail stop. Those accept cash, credit cards and debit cards.
  • Other ways to pay: Download Metro’s ticketing app. Or use the Metro Q Card, which you can buy and reload at grocery stores, gas stations, or online.

The Rail Lines

Now get riding!

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