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How To Find Unclaimed Money

Brooke Lewis
Posted on July 17
A picture of multiple $100 dollar bills.

Do you have unclaimed property? (Boy Anupong/Getty Images)

Do you have unclaimed money you don’t know about?

Unclaimed property is money you might not have received from a business or government office. It can be abandoned bank accounts, uncashed checks, overpayment, unredeemed gift cards, insurance proceeds, payroll, and vendor checks, and more.


There’s probably unclaimed money out there with your name on it!

How do I find this?

To search for your unclaimed property, visit the Texas Comptroller’s website and search your name or business name. Make sure to use nicknames and common misspellings. Once the search is complete, you can click on properties that are yours and film a claim with the comptroller’s office.

Have you lived somewhere else?

If you’ve lived in other states and want to see what missing money you may have, check here.

Now, go get that money! 💸

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