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Does HISD Have A New Superintendent?

Brooke Lewis
Posted on May 22   |   Updated on June 27

Mayor Sylvester Turner recently raised speculation on social media that the Texas Education Agency had already hired a new superintendent for the Houston Independent School District. So, is that true?

Did HISD Hire Someone Already?

The Texas Education Agency said they will not announce a new superintendent until June 1, when they officially take over the school district. At that time, they will also appoint a new board of managers that will replace the current school board.

Who Is The Rumored Superintendent Candidate?

Mike Miles, former Dallas ISD superintendent, is the candidate speculated to take over the district — even though TEA has not confirmed anything yet. Miles served three years as Dallas ISD superintendent, but resigned after negotiations for his contract fell through. His time as superintendent can be described as “turbulent” because educators and local school officials didn’t always agree with his methods. For example, Miles implemented a teacher evaluation plan that created a tense relationship with educators and also fired numerous principals in the district despite outcries from the community. He now serves as CEO and founder of a charter school consulting group, Third Future Schools, which works with 4,500 charter schools across Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado.

What Will Happen Next?

We’ll have to sit tight until June to see if Miles or somebody else will be named superintendent for Houston ISD. Currently, several members of senior leadership for the district have announced their exits ahead of the state takeover.

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