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This Houston Chef Is Honoring Japanese Traditions

Brooke Lewis
Posted on November 10
Sherman Yeung, owner of Money Cat. (Kimberly Park)

Sherman Yeung, owner of Money Cat. (Kimberly Park)

The first dish Sherman Yeung learned to cook was a sous vide steak — a far cry from his one pot pasta days in college. Yeung’s passion for cooking grew over the years, as he took positions at Houston restaurants Yauatcha, Uchi, and managed a successful takeover of Tobiuo Sushi & Bar in Katy. Earlier this year, the Houston native, opened Money Cat in Upper Kirby, where his menu honors Japanese tradition.

Q: What drew you to cooking?
“When I first started, it was just another hobby for me. I had no idea I would fall in love with it. For me, it was never about myself. I’ve always really enjoyed hosting dinner parties, cooking for friends, for family, for strangers. Not only did it bring happiness to other people, but it really harbors a lot of good conversation. Especially for me, since I’m such a culturally driven person. If I cook Chinese food, since ethnically I’m Chinese, they can ask me more about it. I firmly believe food is the best vessel for driving and preserving culture.”

Q: What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

“The rewarding part is just stepping inside and seeing people. Whether that’s team members or customers. For me, one of my goals, when I opened Money Cat, was to have at least one customer a day. At least, If there’s someone new coming to eat everyday, that makes my day. Just seeing my team members, learn, grow, and even laugh.”

Q: If you could eat anywhere in Houston every weekend, where would it be?

House of Bowls in Chinatown. It’s a Cantonese spot. There are not that many Cantonese restaurants in Houston. I’ve eaten there once a week before. They have an excessive menu and a lot of nostalgia items.”

If this interview with Sherman has you hungry for more, then listen to our City Cast Houston episode about the city’s oldest Chinese restaurant, China Garden.

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