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This 86-year-old Houstonian is a first-time author

Brooke Lewis
Posted on September 15
Margie Seaman smiles wearing a black sparkly shirt.

Margie Seaman just published her first novel in her 80s. [Provided by Seaman]

Margie Seaman isn’t letting her age stop her. She published her first romance novel “Someday Belongs To Us” at 85-years-old, and is already working on a sequel. She also has a travel blog about her adventures across Texas and beyond called The Graytripper.

What inspired you to write your first novel now?

“When I went through school, all my teachers said when you grow up you need to write. I don’t think of myself as a writer, but I think of myself as a storyteller and a character developer. So, I thought, I’m going to do that, when I get a little older, I’m going to write a book. Well, when I got older, I got married, had three kids, had a job, a career, and kept thinking I’m going to write that book next year. After about 70 years of procrastinating, it dawned on me when I hit 82. On my 82nd birthday, I thought, I better stop saying I’m going to do it next year because next years are getting a little bit limited.”

What’s the most memorable trip you’ve taken recently, and why?

The trip I went to Paris, Texas, into Carthage, [and] Kilgore. I’ve been in Texas all of my life. I had not gone to the area in East Texas as much. Paris is a really charming little town. They have a replica of the Eiffel Tower. It’s not quite as big as people think. It has a cowboy hat on the top, so that’s perfect. We got to Carthage. We found the country western museum. It’s a beautiful brick building, very large. They have things from every country western singer known throughout the time.”

What advice do you have for someone younger who feels behind in achieving their dreams?

“I had a major heart attack, had open heart surgery, quadruple bypass, had an intestinal bleed afterwards and had to go back in ICU. That’s only been two years ago. So, I have a very strong appreciation for the fact that I’m still hanging around. Seriously, to me life is a gift that I’m given every morning when I wake up. When somebody gives me a gift, then I have to do what is right and I have to appreciate that gift. To appreciate that gift, I need to live it to the fullest extent that I can. I need to contribute to whatever I can. My goal is to let people know that if you have a dream, if you have a goal in life, you can still accomplish it. Just do it.”

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