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This Houstonian Is Passionate About Dance

Brooke Lewis
Posted on August 18
A headshot of dancer Keeley with blonde hair and a black tank top.

Keeley Dunnam is new to Houston and here to share her love for dance. (Provided by Keeley)

Keeley Dunnam is a new Houstonian passionate about dance and the arts. Her new project “Telephone 2.0” seeks to bridge the gap between performance art and visual arts using multiple artists from different mediums. This weekend, enjoy a kids workshop and the closing reception highlighting her work at MECA.

What sparked your love for dance?

“My love for dance started when I was very little. I was enrolled in gymnastics at the age of three. My mom said that every week when she would take me to class, she would ask me how it went. I would say, ‘It was great, but when do I get to go to dance class?’ Eventually after I said that enough times, my mom put me in dance at the age of four. I’ve never stopped since then. I don’t know if it was just in my soul from the beginning.”

How did you come up with your project Telephone 2.0?

“My idea was how can we bridge the gap between the arts of sound and the arts of sight? Dance is an art of sound and an art of sight. Let’s use dance to bring music, spoken word, visual art, and all of this stuff into one idea. I’m also really interested in conceptual systems. How do we understand what something is? Our conceptual systems in America are much different than the conceptual systems in Japan and in Africa. I did a lot of research into that.”

What’s the best place to go dancing in Houston?

“If I’m gonna go social dancing, I’m gonna go to Whiskey River West in Richmond. We have lots of different styles of dance that happen there, a lot of latin styles, country western styles, and line dances. My absolute favorite place [to dance] is the beach. I feel really connected to myself and to the rest of the world when I’m out in the ocean and I just allow the waves to motivate movement.”

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